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The telecottage is a unique infrastructure-intelligence base serving the local community. Its components are: modern communication technology, office equipment, computational and educational technology, community space, organizational capability and capacity, and accessible expert knowledge, know-how and information. While telecottages could be found everywhere in the EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), Hungary is a European leader in developing its network of telecottages, numbering 471 for its 10 million inhabitants by the time of the writing of this document -- the number of these telecottages quadrupled during the last three years.

Objective of the project

The aim of the project and the trans-national cooperation is to develop a good quality, experience-based know-how on building and operating telecottages to provide telecottage management relating learning material. Other objectives are to provide a new methodology of trans-national, cost-efficient ways of producing for vocational training materials. The consortium developed together nation specific and non-nation specific English language e-learning material and will carry out pilot e-learning training to would-be telecottage managers in the participating countries. The impact will be a cost-effective method of sharing already existing national telecottage building and operating materials through a transnational learning material development method to a wide, geographically divided and varied audience of adults living in small villages around Europe.

The distance objective of the partners is to make the telecottage e-learning courses available all around Europe. Download the offline version courses in this site now!