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About "Leonardo"

The "Leonardo da Vinci" programme was introduced in 1994 by the European Commission. This is a cooperation programme in the field of vocational training. The first period of the initiative, whose main objective was to realize the vocational training policy of the European Union and to harmonize the vocational training policy of the member states was closed on the 31st of December 1999. This period was followed by a 7-year period that started on the 1st of January 2000.

The 3 objectives of the programme:


improvement of the vocational abilities and knowledge among the participants of basic education - especially young people - mainly with the help of practical training,


development of the quality of vocational continuing education and in terms of "life-long-learning" this programme wants to involve more and more people in this training method,


supporting the innovation relating to vocational training, especially development of competitiveness,

The Leonardo II involves the following types of tenders:

mobility projects

pilot projects, thematic projects

development of language abilities,

creation of international networks,

working-out of reference materials

Every institution concerned in vocational training can participate in this programme:

vocational training institutions including higher education institution

research institutions,

enterprises (mainly small and medium enterprises),

professional organisations,

social partners,

local government,

non-profit, non-political organisations,

This programme, among others, favours the development of cooperation between education/qualification and economy, hereby exceedingly serves the reinforcement of the practical nature of the vocational training.

Individuals can be partaken in Leonardo da Vinci support only through Institutions.

Countries that participate in Leonardo da Vinci programme are the following:

members of the European Union,

3 EFTA members (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway),

Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey

The newness of Leonardo II is that you can apply for support along with other Community programmes (such as SOCRATES Youth 2000-2006) in the form of Community Actions. If you need further information about this possibility you can find more about it on the webpage of the European Commission

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